»Comparing apples
and oranges is my
daily bread.«

Juli Gudehus

now & soon

Spontanissimo right at the beginning of the Corona induced domestication I started a video blog about the design of toilet tissue – only in German for now. This item of daily needs was highly coveted in those days and thus much discussed. Also from the design point of view there is much to say. Peu à peu I’ll present my collection of more than 800 examples from all over the world, gathered over a period of more than 20 years. Design for the arse – clearly a multifaceted and entertaining field! 

Meanwhile various German newspapers, radio and tv stations covered it. Here is a short report by Reuters with english subtitles. 

Working on those YouTube videos I learn a lot about film editing in iMovie right now. Equally new for me is to give my first virtual talk soon and my first one-week webinar. I wonder how that will feel like.

Furthermore my »Best before …« calendar is part of the exhibition »Daniel Spoerri und die Eat Art« until October, 31, 2020. My »Genesis« as well as parts of my piktogram archive we be part of the exhibition »Piktogramme, Lebenszeichen, Emojis – Die Gesellschaft der Zeichen« (»pictograms, signs of life, emojis – the society of icons) of the Leopold-Hoesch-Museum Düren from September 2020 to February 2021 and at the Museum für neue Kunst Freiburg from March to September 2021.

Aside from that I currently work on a cup edition and on the complete reconception and redesign of my husbands, Jörg Gudehus’, website.