»Comparing apples
and oranges is my
daily bread.«

Juli Gudehus

now & soon

These days I put a unique toilet paper Advent calendar up to auction. It is made of 24 different rolls from my collection. I let sea​-watch​.org have the proceeds of the auction.

I currently teach saucers how to fly and work on a cup edition as well as on proposals for two exhibition concepts and on the complete reconception and redesign of my husbands, Jörg Gudehus’, website.

My »Genesis« as well as parts of my pictogram archive are being presented in the exhibition »Piktogramme, Lebenszeichen, Emojis – Die Gesellschaft der Zeichen« (»pictograms, signs of life, emojis – the society of icons) of the Leopold-Hoesch-Museum Düren until February 2021 and at the Museum für neue Kunst Freiburg from March to September 2021.

Susan­ne Schwal­bachs and Eti­en­ne Girar­dets small, thick, and charming blink foto calendar edition for 2021 still smells of fresh printing ink. Again I was invited to contribute a couple of images.